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Rosalia Mariz has implemented a new ZYTO biocommunication program that enables extensive health related information about each patient to be gathered through a direct link between the patient and the computer. This information is then used as part of a holistic approach to improving health and wellness.

The scan is complementary as part of your visit session at $80 per hour which includes the Scio Quantum Biofeedback scan which gives us more in depth info in a similar way with the option of doing any of 400 therapies.

Zyto and Scio scans each take less than five minutes to conduct. Using ZYTO and Scio technologies, Rosalia Mariz can identify biological preferences for nutrition and therapies as part of a process of creating a personalized and unique wellness program for each individual client.

"One size does not fit all when it comes to health and wellness. Using ZYTO and Scio technologies we are able to approach wellness on an individual basis, creating a custom plan for each unique patient," "The results have been impressive because this approach takes into account the body's own biological preference as part of our development of a holistic health plan,"

Rosalia Mariz offers Zyto and Scio scans to people seeking wellness in the East Bay and is now registering appointments for clients interested in being scanned with these cutting edge technologies. For more information about ZYTO technology You can find extensive information about Scio Quantum Biofeedback on this website.

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