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We find ourselves in a very unique time in history and evolution. This affects us deeply at all levels of our being. Therefore, solutions must address all levels as well. Our primary goal is to improve the human matrix by addressing imbalances at all levels of a human being and doing so free from retracing symptomatology. Rosalia Mariz unique approach of using the SCIO Quantum Biofeedback, Peak Nutrition & Performance, and Physica Energetics - Healing for the Pattern of Life is very effective for improving quality of life. This work is not a medical diagnosis or medical treatment procedures. The services performed are at all times restricted to helping people gain a better understanding of their level of health so that they will have a greater self-awareness and be able to use a self-care programme. The recommendations, discussion, sale of nutritional supplements, botanicals or homeopathics pertain to the "whole body" energetic concept of nutrition and do not relate in the context of any specific ailment or condition. The appointments do not involve diagnosing, prognosticating, treating or prescribing of medicines for the treatment of disease, or any act which will constitute the practice of medicine or any other healing arts procedure for which a license is required.

In the field of BioEnergetic Practice, "The Healing for the Pattern of Life Design" provides a practical and foundational template for self-healing work. This design outlines four main phases throughout which we progress to ensure clarification of the intra and extracellular matrix, organ and system support, and the nourishment, drainage and detoxification of cells and tissues. Included in this picture are gateways leading to the successful resolution of the emotional, mental and subconscious aspects, necessary for the healing process.

The first step in any self-healing strategy clearly requires the establishment of a strong foundational platform, designed to encompass proper nutrient uptake, adequate hydration, balanced levels of trace minerals and electrolytes and optimal pH. We must also ensure that the systemic drainage pathways are open while simultaneously supporting and nourishing the digestive and eliminatory organs. The Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways (tm) programme was designed specifically to address these factors in preparation for deeper, focused detoxification. The RCCP programme gives us our starting point.

The second step towards stabilizing the foundation requires deliberate and specific support of the adrenal glands and liver/biliary tree. The adrenal glands are central to the management of the stress response, both physiologically and psychologically, affecting all of the hormones in the endocrine chain and subsequently playing a significant role in most body chemistries. Detoxification processes can cause a breakdown in endocrine function and deregulation of the stress response if there are imbalances here.

Similarly, liver detoxification phases also need to be stabilized prior to deeper detoxification, as failure to support these pathways will cause a greater toxic load and congestion within the extracellular and intracellular matrices. If the liver and the adrenals are not sufficiently stabilized once the detoxification process begins, toxins may be driven deeper, the extra cellular matrix becomes increasingly congested, energy becomes depleted.

Once cellular communication has been re-established and the adrenals and liver are holding, we can safely progress to the identification and resolution of causative factors. Therapy at this stage includes opening the local drainage pathways (liver, kidney, lungs, etc) This is what will take the majority of time. Addressing Causative Factors by opening local Drainage, applying nosode filters and addressing emotional

and miasm(personal, family, race) levels.

In the culminating stage, as the causative factors are no longer an issue, additional programmes supportive of cellular repair and maintenance are implemented to ensure the pattern holds. Endo-Neuro-immuno Modulation and Well Being Programmes with several supporting products including LIFE Force or BioHealth Matrix.

written by Rebecca Loach, BSC (biochem), RNCP HHP

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Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy present Traditional Naturopath

Brain Tek – Present

United Behavioral Health 9-11/2009 Intake Counselor

CEO ~ Quantum Matrix International Consultants 1985 - 2012

* Project Director: HIV Case Management Services. Ciudad Juarez Mexico

* Developed PTSD Case Management Services Program in San Francisco’s Mission District.

* Mexico City Disaster Preparedness, Health Education, and Evaluation Services:

Developed a post earthquake reconstruction plan for a sector of Mexico City:

Including housing, health services and community development projects. Evaluated

post-earthquake housing reconstruction program. Complete list available upon request.

* Maintained a private Quantum Biofeedback practice since 2003.

Clinical Director//Vital Hematology Jan 2008 -Jan 2009
Healthwalk Integrative Holistic Wellness Center, Carlsbad, CA 

Mind Body Medicine and Perinatal Education Consultant 1998 -1999

California Pacific Medical Center, Institute for Health and Healing,

San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco Mission Neighborhood Health Center.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

for Pregnancy and Childbirth in Spanish.

Director of Women’s Services  1991-1992

Clinica De La Raza Oakland, CA-Case management services coordination of comprehensive

outpatient women’s health clinic.

Health Fellow 1991

The San Francisco Foundation - Spearhead RFP process and screen submitted proposals.

Provide resource allocation recommendations, manage contracts, and evaluate outcomes of

grantee programs. Report to the Board.of Director.

Research Fellow 1989-1990

UCSF Center for Reproductive Health Policy Research and The Hewlett Foundation Responsible

for contract management including monitoring, site visits, screening of proposals, facilitate RFP

screening process, recommendations for allocation of resources, identifying, managing and

coordinating needs for training and education. Evaluated health outcomes of CA school based

clinics. Provided technical assistance to family planning projects, reproductive health research

group, and academic graduate demography program in Mexico.

Developed the Hewlett International Fellowship in Reproductive Health Policy Research and

recruited for it in Mexico. Authored proposal for establishment of a University of California

system wide exchange abroad program in Health and Human Services in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Developed data base of collaborative research in reproductive health by U.C. faculty in Mexico.

UCSF Presentor: “Family Planning Programs in Mexico.” International Health Lecture Series

Assistant To The Director    1987

SH Cowell Foundation, San Francisco Identify, advocate for, and manage family planning

projects; provider training and education programs in Mexico. Conduct RFP process and

proposal submissions screenings. Provide resource allocation recommendations and technical

assistance; Responsible for needs assessments, contract management, program monitoring,

site visits, and data analysis.

Case Manager 1984  Lincoln Child Center Oakland

Director of Nutrition and Case Management Program 1980

WIC - Women, Infants, & Children’s Federal Nutrition Program - Anemia and malnutrition

risk prevention services. Supervised continuity of care, specialty provider, and referral

services. Supervised nutrition specialists. Coordinated individual and group nutrition

counseling, diet assessment, and blood chemistry evaluation services for low-income

women, infants, and children.


TND       2007        Traditional Naturopath Doctorate Trinity College

DNM      2007        Doctorate in Naturopathic Ministry

MH         2007       Master Herbalist Trinity College

MPH       1990       Master of Public Health. U.C. Berkeley Health Policy & Administration

MCP       1990       Master of City Planning. U.C. Berkeley Health Services Planning

BSW       1985       Bachelor of Arts in Social Work U.C. Berkeley

Holistic and Quantum Medicine training through The Institute of Quantum Biofeedback

Naturopathic Medicine, The International Medical University of Natural Education-UNESCO-Body

for Developing Technologies, The World Association for Biomedical Technology.

Board Certified by the Neurotherapy and Biofeedback Certification Board and the American

Association of Drugless Practitioners. 


Biotech Institute of Maryland: Cell Culture, Molecular Biology, and Polymerase Chain Reaction

Academy of Energetic Sciences: Advanced Functional Chemistry; Orthomolecular Nutrition,

Enzymes, and Cell Biology; Lyme Disease: Molecular Biology, New German Hammer Cancer

Medicine Homotoxicology; Vital Hematology; Pleomorphic Studies; Neuroendocrine Immunology,

Emotions the Psychosomatic Connection; Body/Mind Medicine; The Science and Public Policy

Institute Safe Wireless Initiative CERSA Apprenticeship; John Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness Based

Stress Reduction for Pregnancy, Childbirth & Parenting; Nutrition; Clinical Aromatherapy; Reiki


Advanced Biofeedback; Interactive Metronome Therapy. Certified Natural Health Practitioner



□ American Public Health Association

□ International Society of Subtle Energies/Energy Medicine

□ The International Epigenetics Society

The Association for prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health

These are unique times in which we find ourselves that affect us at all levels of our being.

Therefore, solutions must address all levels as well. The SCIO Quantum Biofeedback, Peak

Nutrition/Performance, Physica Energetics - Healing for the Pattern of Life - 1. Restoring

Cellular Communication Pathways, 2. Liver Phases Biliary Tree Adrenal Stability 3. Addressing

Causative Factors by opening local Drainage, applying nosode filters and addressing emotional

and miasm(personal, family, race) levels. 4. Cellular Repair Maintenance - Endo-Neuro-immuno

Modulation Well Being Programmes. Can greatly improve your quality of life.

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