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Testimonials Re: weightloss, hcg, autism, thyroid function and services

From Australia:

"I have been working with Rosalia for several months and have also watched her work with friends and family members. She is so far above and beyond other naturopaths that I feel she actually deserves a completely different title. Her ability to evaluate is immense, her knowledge of the diseases of body and soul is extraordinary, and her knowledge of healing methods is encyclopedic. And she is not only an amazing healer but a wonderful person who gives freely of her time and her love, way beyond the call of duty. Her care is a healing in itself. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to recover their health, or simply go to an even greater level of wellness."

Persephone Maywald M.A.

PsychologistCertified IFS Therapist



When I started the HCG protocol I was worried about it interfering with my lifestyle and thought that I would be starving myself and then once I started to eat again I would gain it all back. But it was quite the opposite. The guidelines and food lists make your life simple and easy. You feel nourished and hardly ever feel hungry. I used to have extreme cravings before HCG for anything and everything especially sweets.

I have tried everything from extreme dieting to working out. I changed my

lifestyle to eating only organic foods, but nothing got rid of the unwanted fat. Not only did I get rid of fat but all the energy, both positive and negative, that is stored/trapped in the fat cells. My body completely reshaped itself. I lost weight evenly throughout my body. My left leg was larger than my right leg and the first week I only lost weight in my Left leg!

I never got stretch marks! My skin is tighter and smoother than it has ever

been. I didn't lose any muscle just inches and pounds of pure fat!

I followed the instructions exactly as they directed and I lost about 1/2 to 1 pound a day. It is the only diet that keeps you motivated because your seeing the results instantly. Not only did I lose weight, but I gained a healthier perspective on life and created great habits.

After the protocol I eat anything I want without gaining weight. Although what I want is different now than before I started the protocol.

My body is functioning like a fine tuned machine.

My body has never felt cleaner and healthier.

My skin cleared up within the first few days of the protocol and has never been clearer.

I have had a plantar wart on my toe for 12 years. I have tried everything to get rid of it from freezing and burning it off, to over the counter drugs and

homeopathic and naturopathic remedies. On the 21st day of the protocol my plantar wart flaked off like it was just some dead skin. I was amazed that in only three short weeks I was rid of the wart that haunted me for 12 long years. There are no side effects to this HCG protocol.

I thought I was going to be starving on this protocol, in fact I was very full

with the amount of food that you are able to eat in a meal. The only reason I would feel hungry was because of the lack on mindless chewing that I used to do.

Losing a pound a day makes the diet easy and motivating.

During the protocol I developed habits and tricks that have made it effortless to maintain my weight easily.

In 21 days I lost 14 pounds and a total of 32"!

1.25" in my Neck,

1.5" from my arms,

.25" wrist

3" from my breasts,

3.75" underbreast,

3" Waist,

3.5" mid waist



2.5" Right Thigh

2.25" Left thigh

1" Calf


Rosalia was so supportive and was there for me every minute of the protocol. She is understanding and so fun to work with. She is a wonderful teacher who is kind and patient. I have reached a state of wellbeing that I never knew was possible and I am eternally grateful for everything she has taught me.


Dr. Mariz helped my family during a time of great confusion regarding our

health issues. Having visited many doctors, both traditional and

alternative, we were overwhelmed with supplements, diets, and therapies.Dr. Mariz helped clear up many of our confusions and helped guide my family towards healing using energetic medicine. My son, who was diagnosed with autism at age 2, benefitted greatly from Dr. Mariz energetic treatments and suggested homeopathic formulas. He made significant gains in language, socialization, and physical wellbeing. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs direct answers to their health challenges. We continue to consult with Dr. Mariz and see nice improvements in our health.



Hi Rosalia,

Just had my TSH tested as a prelude to refilling my thyroid hormone scrip - and found that it has gone down from 17 to just 2.8! I have been taking the same dose of the medication for 15 years now, and this is he lowest that it has ever been. Previous low was 5. I must say I was pretty skeptical, but now perhaps I'm starting to

hope you might just be right. Thank you so so much.

With love, Persephone

Persephone Maywald M.A.

Psychologist Certified IFS Therapist

+61 (0)435 014 821

From Australia,

Thank you again for all you did to help me in my health crisis. I feel almost restored, 95%. I also feel I went close to a terminal decline, but the work you did with me and the guidance you provided changed all that. Your suggestion to do the Vipassana retreat was instrumental in the shift.

John Kirkwood

Five Element Acupressure

0410 779 159


If you are not familiar with Rosalia Mariz Beltran’s work as a Traditional Naturopath and you are going through any type of stress, emotional trauma or have an illness, I want to share my recent and personal experience with Rosalia and the important work she is doing.

I went in to see her this past week for a Stress Reduction – Quantum Bio Feedback session and I was simply amazed at the results of what I was able to overcome, let go of and discover about myself in a 90-minute session. Her technique focused on many therapies within this single session to balance my stress and emotional well being. I received a DNA Repair Treatment, Electro-Acupuncture, Color Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), therapy for childhood trauma, my chakras were balanced, my aura was cleared, attaching spirits were removed, and a Past Life was revealed which helped me to discover an emotional-link connection to my recent stress. In addition, I received a Homeopathic remedy during the treatment and she custom-blended a Flower Essence remedy especially for me to take. She is a very effective Traditional Naturopath and healer. She has a rare and beautiful gift along with years of experience, the education and credentials. She is currently doing important break-through work. If you are experiencing any health or emotional issues, then I would highly encourage you to go see her. Rosalia will really help you and put you on the path to achieving optimum levels of health and well being.

Kathleen Lamoureux, Numerologist

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