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Menu of Services:

Zyto Nutritional Consultation only

Initial Assessment half hour $100

Complete Scio and Zyto Naturopathic Assessment: $200 per hour

Quantum Biofeedback sessions $200 per hour for stress, electro acupuncture, NLP, tune up

Special Care Program:

Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways

Clearing Liver and Billiary Tree

Deep Work for Deep Issues

Candida Clear

Comprehensive Homeopathic Detox kit

EndoPara Clear Parasite issues

Evolution Weight Management Kit

Family Wellness

Metal and Mineral Balancing

Omni Cleanse Detox

Replenish Renew

Yu esenticals skin care

Purification/Weight Loss Program

21 Day Nutritional Detoxification Program$300(Includes Supplies)

Homeopathic Comprehensive Detox

Weight loss program: Homeopathic Comprehensive Detox Omni Cleanse and Omni Cleanse caps

10 day blood sugar program

10 day program for Inflammation

Minor Aches and Pains Fatigue and Lethargy, Swelling, Skin Problems/Irritation, Joint Stiffness Upon Arising or after exercising, Excessive Belly Fat, Dark circles or bags under the eyes, Sinus Congestion, Irregular Bowel Habits

Bloating/Puffiness/Water Retention

10 day program for female vitality $225(includes supplies and one visit)

PMS, Bloating, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Menstrual Cramps, Uncontrollable food cravings, Irregular Periods, Weight Gain Inability to lose weight, Poor Sleep, Irritable

Ionic Cleansing foot detox

1 Session$40

5 Sessions$160

8 Sessions$256

alpha sonic sound wave therapy $30 per half hour for: Injury, Pain and constipation

Products for sale:

Bioenergetic Pyramid $650.

Lyme Disease

Each case of Lyme disease is different. I create protocols tailored to the individual person’s needs. The tools used including an in-depth interview, (IGeneX lab results) help to uncover which of the many different types of Lyme disease one may have, as well as co-existing viruses and infections due to one’s compromised immune system. A person suffering from Lyme may exhibit a myriad of symptoms, some not traditionally associated with Lyme, and thus it is often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

Looking at the predominant infections and symptoms and addressing them in conjunction with addressing the Lyme disease can resolve it. Consequently there is no cookie-cutter Lyme disease protocol; instead the layers of underlying toxicity and infections have to be dealt with providing a higher rate of recovery and enhancing overall well-being. I respect the uniqueness of each individual and so solutions always take one’s lifestyle into account to ensure the best results and most comfortable experience on one’s road to recovery.

My concentration on chronic illness, using tools and experience has helped me to develop a deeper understanding of chronic illness, many ways to address it, and the frontiers still available as possible solutions.

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