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An Introduction to Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways

For those who have been following the latest breakthroughs in biology and nutrition, it is clear that cellular communication is absolutely vital when it comes to establishing and maintaining a healthy body, mind and heart. According to cellular biologists, cellular communication happens by way of receptor cell membranes, confirming that proper cellular communication only occurs when cell membranes are clear of obstacles to cure as per Hahnemann.

The workings of a suitable environment for cells known as the extracellular matrix (ECM) and ground regulation, has occupied the European medical tradition since the

early part of the 20th century. Cellular pathologists and biochemists have long sought to map networks of cell communication and microcirculation in the ECM. It is now clear that the first signals of xenobiotic interference register in the connective tissue.

In the early 1950s, Rheinhold Voll MD, the originator of EAV/EDS identified this fundamental premise in terms of mesenchymal confluence. He found, as did Fritz Popp, that obstacles to cure revealed themselves as measurable “additional oscillations” in the meridian


In 1975, Prof. Alfred Pischinger MD, as a professor of Histology and Embryology at the University of Vienna, presented his work describing the Ground Regulation Matrix as a communication system spreading throughout the entire human organism. 

Pischinger's system of ground regulation, described in Matrix and Matrix Regulation, provides a model for explaining the dynamics of lymph flow relative to the extracellular matrix. The lymphatics and lymphatic organs are connected with the extracellular matrix and are responsible for the removal of wastes. Thus, regulation of the extracellular fluid matrix is part of every inflammation and immune defense process and all basic vital functions of the body.

According to Pischinger, "everything that comes out of the blood takes a somewhat complicated route through the connective tissue to the parenchymal cells and then into the lymphatic system." Toxicity of the connective tissue and related lymphatics cause extensive damage to the meshwork of high‐polymer, sugar‐protein complexes and structural glycoproteins (collagen, elastin, fibronectin, laminin, etc.). This, in turn, reduces the connective tissue’s ability to act as a molecular sieve through which cell metabolites are designed to penetrate.

The ECM is the largest system penetrating the organism completely. It takes care of the nutrition of the cells (internal circulation) and the removal of waste products from them. Thus, it regulates the "cell milieu system" and is at the same time part of every inflammation and defense process. It is clearly responsible for all basic vital functions, physically, mentally and emotionally. Since the lymphatic system is intermeshed throughout the entire organism, vital regulatory centers can be influenced by lymph therapeutics.

The health‐damaging effects of many "trapped" toxic environmental, deranged protein molecules and trans fatty acids in the lymphatic system are neglected by most traditional and "holistic" practitioners.

All cells depend on the intact functioning of this system for their continued existence as it guarantees the environment they need for survival. Organic diseases originate in dysfunctions of this system and its connections, throughout the organism.

The effects of a variety of noxious substances on the basic system (rigid and subclinical processes, heavy metals, the effects of stress, etc.) have been subject to observation, and subsequent effective bioenergetic medical treatments for over five decades, using reaction/response measurement systems such as EAV, Kinesiology, Bio‐resonance(SCIO Quantum Biofeedback) and others.

In order for difficult and/or developing conditions to become accessible for treatment and effective resolution it is vital that the pathways for drainage are open prior to detoxification. Simultaneous to this process, a highly functional uptake system needs to be in place and provided for through the addition of stabilizing nutritional supplementation, bowel and digestion regulation, electrolytes, organ relief, hydration, ionic minerals, etc.

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