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Do you have stress from: Lyme disease? Diabetes type2? post-covid? anxiety and depression, alzheimer'sEnhancing quality of life for people and pets through cutting edge biocommunication technologies that include over 400 therapies

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Rosalia Mariz uses ZYTO and Scio biocommunication technologies that enable extensive health related information about each person to be gathered through a direct link between the person and the computer. This information is then used as part of a holistic functional approach to improving health and wellness. Through the Zyto technology your body indicates what its priorities are with regards to nutrition and herbs. It indicates what will help it find balance. The Scio analysis gives us more detailed information about what is going on in your body as well as which of the 400 therapies it most needs in the moment.

A typical session includes includes both a Zyto scan and a Scio Quantum Biofeedback scan. Zyto and Scio scans each take less than five minutes to conduct. Using ZYTO and Scio technologies, Rosalia Mariz can identify biological preferences for nutrition and therapies as part of a process of creating a personalized and unique wellness program for each individual client.

"One size does not fit all when it comes to health and wellness. Using ZYTO and Scio technologies we are able to approach wellness on an individual basis, creating a custom plan for each unique patient," "The results have been impressive because this approach takes into account the body's own biological preference as part of our development of a holistic functional health plan,"

Rosalia Mariz offers Zyto and Scio scans to people seeking wellness in the East Bay and is now registering appointments for clients interested in being scanned with these cutting edge technologies. For more information about ZYTO technology You can find extensive information about Scio Quantum Biofeedback on this website.

We find ourselves in a very unique time in history and evolution. This affects us deeply at all levels of our being. Therefore, solutions must address all levels as well. Our primary goal is to improve the human matrix by addressing imbalances at all levels of a human being and doing so free from retracing symptomatology. Rosalia. Mariz unique approach of using the SCIO Quantum Biofeedback 400 different therapies, Elite Peak Nutrition, and Physica Energetics - Healing for the Pattern of Life, as well as homeopathy and flower essences is very effective for 

improving quality of life by entraining the body to heal itself. It is hypothesized that the body may emit "light" in the form of biophotons. Some suggest that nutritional supplements that have a weak, lifeless "energy field" can never support the body's quantum field in the same way that live-source nutrients can. Everything recommend is first tested for 90-100% resonance between your particular body and the item.

This work is not a medical diagnosis or medical treatment procedures. The services performed are at all times restricted to helping people gain a better understanding of their level of health so that they will have a greater self-awareness and be able to use a self-care programme. The recommendations, discussion, sale of nutritional supplements, botanicals or homeopathics pertain to the "whole body" energetic concept of nutrition and do not relate in the context of any specific ailment or condition. The appointments do not involve diagnosing, prognosticating, treating or prescribing of medicines for the treatment of disease, or any act which will constitute the practice of medicine or any other healing arts procedure for which a license is required. 

What is Energy Medicine and How Does it Work?

Energy medicine works with the subtle interconnections between mind, body and spirit, both to restore and to maintain the dynamic equilibrium between these complexes. Homeopathy and flower essences are two energy medicine modalities that work with the energetic fields of the body and are particularly effective in subtly adjusting the nervous system to affect the physiology of the body.

Physical symptoms occur when a disturbance in the subtle energetic of the body is ignored. A healthy living being is self-regulating, with an innate capacity to maintain its equilibrium and compensate for stress. Symptoms of this regulating mechanism range from shivering when cold or eating when hungry, to major accidents or illnesses requiring long periods of inactivity and quiet.

Homeopathics and flower essences are highly diluted, energetically potentized medicines that work as catalysts to stimulate the vital healing force. They not only alleviate symptoms, but also give a feeling that life is again flowing harmoniously. They do not weaken the defense mechanism by suppressing it, as most allopathic medicine does. Rather, they subtly but deeply strengthen the immune system.

In the field of BioEnergetic Practice, "The Healing for the Pattern of Life Design" provides a practical and foundational template for self-healing work. This design outlines four main phases throughout which we progress to ensure clarification of the intra and extracellular matrix, organ and system support, and the nourishment, drainage and detoxification of cells and tissues. Included in this picture are gateways leading to the successful resolution of the emotional, mental and subconscious aspects, necessary for the healing process.

The first step in any self-healing strategy clearly requires the establishment of a strong foundational platform, designed to encompass proper nutrient uptake, adequate hydration, balanced levels of trace minerals and electrolytes and optimal pH. We must also ensure that the systemic drainage pathways are open while simultaneously supporting and nourishing the digestive and eliminatory organs. The Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways (tm) programme was designed specifically to address these factors in preparation for deeper, focused detoxification. The RCCP programme gives us our starting point.

The second step towards stabilizing the foundation requires deliberate and specific support of the adrenal glands and liver/biliary tree. The adrenal glands are central to the management of the stress response, both physiologically and psychologically, affecting all of the hormones in the endocrine chain and subsequently playing a significant role in most body chemistries. Detoxification processes can cause a breakdown in endocrine function and deregulation of the stress response if there are imbalances here.

Similarly, liver detoxification phases also need to be stabilized prior to deeper detoxification, as failure to support these pathways will cause a greater toxic load and congestion within the extracellular and intracellular matrices. If the liver and the adrenals are not sufficiently stabilized once the detoxification process begins, toxins may be driven deeper, the extra cellular matrix becomes increasingly congested, energy becomes depleted.

Once cellular communication has been re-established and the adrenals and liver are holding, we can safely progress to the identification and resolution of causative factors. Therapy at this stage includes opening the local drainage pathways (liver, kidney, lungs, etc) This is what will take the majority of time.

In the culminating stage, as the causative factors are no longer an issue, additional programmes supportive of cellular repair and maintenance are implemented to ensure the pattern holds. Endo-Neuro-immuno Modulation and Well Being Programmes with several supporting products including LIFE Force or BioHealth Matrix.

written by Rebecca Loach, BSC (biochem), RNCP HHP

We hope you can find everything you need. Rosalia Mariz is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.

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